July 18, 2024

The Smartest Engagement Management Software

An optimal way to organize, a better way to communicate, and next-gen analytics.

An all-in-one solution
for the busiest accountants

Take away the stress, by managing all engagements in one place:
Teams, Clients, Documents, Communication, Analytics

Software for Accountants.
Created by Accountants.

Snapshot View
See a quick synopsis of upcoming assignments and recently visited workspaces. A great way to examine what tasks you need to prioritize!
The Inbox or "Activity Center"

Never miss the context of a message again! Here you see all activities based on the workspaces you’re assigned to. Simply click on one of the inbox messages, and we’ll take you to the relevant task line. Activities include:

Task Management Suites

We don’t do file rooms! Instead, manage documents more effectively using our revolutionary organizational method.

Powerful insight

Notis’ next-gen business analytic capabilities give your firm a competitive boost.

Integrations That Matter


Drag-and-drop signatures and date fields on any document. Create a new Adobe account when you purchase notis.

Amazon Chime

Remote work doesn’t have to mean the end of personal connections. With our Amazon Chime integration, you can host client meetings or internal team meetings whenever you want!

We are committed to the security of your data. Notis uses 256-bit encryption to secure
personal information and stores all sensitive data using Amazon Web Services.