July 17, 2024

Who We Are

Who We Are


Our team is constantly improving notis to create the best experience for your firm and your clients. We do this by consistently asking for customer feedback to search for new and creative ways to make your usage within notis more seamless. With our clients’ help, we are certain that we can continue to evolve notis to help your firm achieve unprecedented growth.


We run our organization like a team. There’s no one member more important than the other, and each part is integral to the whole. With that being said, each person is responsible for doing their job at a high level. To accomplish this we depend on each other and hold ourselves to high standards.


Our team has made notis as flexible as possible. We recognize that plans change and it is our duty to adapt to those changes. Our ideas are not overly rigid and we recognize that there’s always room to receive and interpret new information. This is exactly how notis was designed, allowing our platform to be customizable to the extent that it’s beneficial and not overwhelming.


Loyalty is a concept that can only be achieved through a strong relationship. That’s why our team considers ourselves more than just a company. We’re a family. Our customers are no exception to this and quickly become a part of our family. We show our loyalty and appreciation for our customers by offering them expert-level support. Why? We want to ensure our customers have a competitive advantage within the industry.