July 17, 2024



There’s no telling what we can accomplish together

Notis highlights

Cloud Analytics Modernization

Notis platform is hosted on Amazon Web Services (AWS) and offers an unlimited amount of document storage for all users. Cloud security is engineered for the most strict regulations to meet all security compliance metrics.

A Better Way to Communicate

Communicating with your clients is faster, easier, and more efficient than ever using notis. All communication happens within a task. These tasks act as a series of threads, making it easy for anyone in your firm to follow the communication trail. Notis takes engagement collaboration to the next level!

YOU Create your Customers' Experience

Take on more clients with notis, while making certain that each one gets the red carpet experience your firm is capable of delivering. Collaboration is easier, clients are happier, and employees are motivated to get more done.

Business Analytics to Optimize Performance

Our next-gen business analytic capabilities ensure your firm has all the relevant information available to advance your firm. Our visual displays of your data make it easier for you to recognize insufficiencies and trends. Here you can manage employee workloads, monitor firm growth, keep track of workspace progress, track document turnover, and that's just all we could fit in this box.

A Revolutionary way to Organize

At notis our task management suites house all your client-related documents. These suites do way more than the typical file room. Each task line has its own suite that tells a unique story. In the task management suites, you can organize client documents, communicate with team members and clients assigned to this task, log work hours, and so much more!


Each subscription comes with several free work templates for your firm to use. Don’t want to use one of our premade templates? No worries, we make it easy to create and save your own templates for recurring engagements.